Llechwedd Slate Caverns

Descend nearly 500 feet underground in Europe's steepest mining cable railway and travel back 170 years in a few minutes to meet Sion your ghostly guide through the Deep Mine. Only 12 years old when he came to work at Llechwedd in 1844, Sion shares your journey through the vast chambers as he leads you through winding tunnels.   This fascinating light and sound show takes you through ten breathtaking caverns and as the story of the young miner unfolds the journey leads you deeper and deeper underground to our spectacular subterranean lake.
Experience what life must have been like for the men underground before electricity, without light but for a few candles. Imagine how easy it would have been to get lost with over 25 miles of tunnels connecting underground chambers at Llechwedd alone. Rest assured in the 21st century it is safe and easy to navigate with hard hats as essential wear!